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38 Days of Death and Rebirth - Bufo Initiation Part 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

In this episode of the Bufo Podcast I go deep into sharing my story of what brought me to Bufo and my account of what happened during my 38 session Bufo Initiation.

38 sessions of Bufo back to back, the most powerful psychedelic on the planet, in a period of 5 weeks, here's what happened to me:

More About Bufo and the Bufo Foundation

For the past 2 years a big focus of my life has been trauma-release tools and technologies as I believe this is the most important thing humanity needs during these times.

When Bufo came across my path, it changed my life forever in this regard.

Bufo (Also known as Otac, Sapo or simply Toad) is the wise and extremely powerful medicine of the Sonoran Desert Toad.

This profound substance causes rapid healing of traumas and complete disillusion of the ego; a life transforming experience comparable to Moksha, Samadhi and Nirvana. Among many ingredients, the main psyochoactive ingredient (5-MeO-DMT) is known as the God or Spirit molecule.

The rapidness of healing with Bufo is beyond description, and I consider Bufo the most powerful tool I’ve ever come across in terms of helping people heal from trauma and prepare for ascension. The Beautiful Bufo Alvarious toad is currently on a path to extinction if something is not done in the next 5 years. After my 38 Day Bufo Initiation, I co-founded the Bufo Foundation to share this powerful medicine with others, and preserve this endangered animal from going extinct

The Bufo Foundation is on a mission to protect and preserve this amazing animal. When you participate in a retreat, your involvement also supports charities in Mexico that are actively working to solve the problem.

Want to Learn More or Participate in a Retreat?

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