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5G Protection Solution (God in the Atom)

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

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If you're concerned about the 5G situation, I highly recommend you watch this. About 9 months ago a man by the name of Tim contacted me and started talking wild talk (The awesome type of wild.)

…he was telling me about a research physics professor he was working with that had a new model of the atom that involved consciousness, about a new unit of energy entering our atmosphere during these times, and that they found it could be used to harmonize radiation fields and (in the future) even create free energy.

He had a solution for 5G and the EMF radiation problem.

It was working, people were already using the invention, and he wanted the world to know about it. As you can imagine, he got my attention. Last week I was finally able to sit down and record a video interview with Tim.

In the interview Tim explains everything in simplified terms, the science, how the invention works, and how to get it.

What blew my mind the most was the live-blood analysis testing and the use of Masaru Emoto's water crystalization method to show the effects this is having on water.

Enjoy! Kacper PS. If you're going to get Omnia, go to and make sure to use the coupon code I negotiated for you to get 10% off, the coupon code is "kacper", enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions & DIY Test Video

What devices should I put an ORB patch on?

Everything that receives wireless data:

Your phone, laptop, smartwatch, smart meter, Wi-Fi router, car entertainment system, tablets, baby monitors, microwave oven, TV or fridge.

The level of risk is governed by three things: exposure (how long you spend on the device); proximity (are you touching it?); and strength of signal (4G, 5G.. video content?).

Does the ORB work on a 5G field?

We have done three tests on a 5G field and we achieved great results.

All the test links are here under "Science":

How long does the ORB patch last?

It lasts forever. The energy in the patch will always keep spinning. We imprint a new type of energy called ‘Deca’ energy into the patch, which is an atomic structure which is always in motion. The Deca is programmed to balance any radiation field, including 5G

How can I prove that it works?

We have a ‘do it yourself’ test video that you can try at home to prove that your body will (a) go weak when you touch a cellphone and (b) go super strong when you apply the ORB to the phone, watch it here:

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

You can do the test as described above, and if you are not impressed with the results, then you can send the product back for a full refund.

What if I am on a bus or somewhere crowded – am I protected from other people’s EMF fields?

Once the ORB is on your device, a phone for example, it creates a kind of ‘bubble’ of protection around you which extends between 1-2 metres.

Are there any Health Benefits of the ORB?

If you watch the ART test video, you will see that when the phone with the ORB attached is held next to the head, the body goes into what we call ‘deep healing’ mode. A test was done on a range of harmonizers recently and only Omnia achieved this result. However, please do not use the ORB as a healing tool, we must still use our devices sparingly.

Will it improve my EMF-related health condition?

Many customers give testimonials stating that they have had dramatic improvements to their concentration, stress management, sleep, tingling or ringing effects, but everyone is different and the ORB is not a healing device, so we can’t promise this will happen, only that it is very much possible once the radiation field has been balanced.

Is the ORB the only solution I need?

No. You should implement a regime of abstinence from wireless devices and focus on grounding yourself, safeguarding your sleep zone and being in nature as much as possible. For example, your eyes can still suffer from the blue light of a phone, despite having the ORB on to harmonize the radiation.

How do I get it?

Use the coupon code "kacper" to get 10% off.

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Carolyn Murphy
Carolyn Murphy
18 apr 2021

I'm not convinced something so small can fight back this 5g smart grid thats so huge

Mi piace

22 feb 2021

Wow, this is absolutely ground-breaking.

Mi piace
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