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Breaking Free of Mind Control: Holly Achaya on Interviews with Wild People

Do you sometimes have a voice inside that tells you you're worthless, don't deserve love, and will never make it? Watch this and things might change.

Meet Holly Achaya.

Holly knows what it’s like to be trapped in the darkness of your own making, for years she was mind-controlled in a physically and emotionally abusive cult-like situation that stripped her of every ounce of self-worth and had her believing she was better off dead. Not unlike the voices we struggle with in our own minds, except hers was externalized in a real-life cult situation that had her convinced this was absolute reality.

Until a magical moment changed her life forever.

Today, Holly leads an incredible life assisting others in seeing what is truly possible behind the veil of self-doubt. She steps into people’s lives like divine thunder that shakes you out of your slumber, assists you in freeing your mind, healing and harnessing the full power of the imagination to create the life of your dreams. She inspires people to create from a place of no limits & have the time of your life doing it.

She has a spark of life and passion that is infectious and reminds people that we're here to live and have shit-loads of fun in the process.

Join us in this at home interview as Holly shares her inspiring story of the intricacies of how mind control works and what it took for her to finally snap out of a spell that nearly took everything from her and return to a life of self-love, authenticity, and spiritual connection.

Thank you Holly for this interview!

Kacper Links from Interview: Holly's official web-site 👉 Loving this stuff? Here's how to go deeper. 1. Work With Me 1 on 1 Book a 1 on 1 deep-dive workshop session with me to release the deepest trauma blocks holding you back in life and health and take a quantum leap forward. 👉 Learn more here. 2. Join the STAR TRIBE The STAR TRIBE is a free online community I'm building on an independent platform dedicated to assisting you in building a lifestyle focused on your joy, healing through the mind-body connection, and creating a new earth through inner strength, courage, authenticity, and sovereignty.

Unplug from the mainstream and join a tribe of wild people deeply invested in coming alive, shifting themselves and the planet.

Inside the community you get access to completely free courses and processes for turning wild visions into reality, healing the body, and aligning your life with your heart's authentic magnetic pull. You'll also meet amazing people from all over the world who are on the same path and have incredible transformational stories to tell! 👉 Join us here!

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