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Dr. Kim Is Coming to the STAR TRIBE & Sail the Stars! Join Us Live

I'm beyond excited, Dr. Kim D'eramo has just agreed to join Sail the Stars and support us in the STAR Tribe with a live interview this Thursday :-)

This woman is changing the world, and has changed my life this year in ways I can't begin to explain, if you're wondering where I get that "glow" of joy lately in my videos, one word: Kim. Dr. Kim started as an emergency room physician working night-shifts in the E.R, but she knew she had a gift that went way beyond what she was doing. Today she assists people from all over the world in embracing health and reversing even serious illness through consciousness alone using the mind-body connection.

She is bringing in a completely new paradigm of health to the planet that's not only assisting people in healing but also moving through depression, anxiety, and pain. She assists people in opening up to easeful prosperity in their lives by working with your body instead of against it. Her work and wisdom will penetrate your cells on an energetic level to the core. I'm interviewing her live this Thursday February 2nd at 10AM MT, and you're invited to come join us live during the interview.

>> Join us for the live interview February 2nd @ 10AM Here. Oh yeah, and she's coming sailing on board with us once we get on the water to collaborate with other world-shifting leaders and co-create mind-blowing content with us through adventure! We've already spoken about sailing to remote communities and setting up pop-up mind-body healing workshops for people in need, maybe you've got some more ideas? Thank you Kim for your support! To the Stars! Kacper PS. If you missed my announcement about the STAR Tribe, check out what we're cooking up here:

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