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How To Attract True Friends & Epic Community Wherever You Are

Very often when I coach people who are genuinely going through spiritual awakening in their lives I often hear them complain about this common problem during their process, they'll say things like... "I'm lonely" "I don't have any real friends." "I don't have anyone to talk to who understands what I'm going through" "I just don't want to hang around 'normal' people anymore" Added to this pressure is the realization that as things are shifting on the planet right now it's more important than ever to come together in community and work towards building a New Earth together. But how does one do that when you're floating in an emotional desert amidst a society disconnected from what is real, the truth, authenticity, and a culture conditioned to spend more time with the phone and computer screen than with one another? Despite this reality, wherever I've gone in my life I've always had the ability to attract amazing people around me, build deep friendships, and a deeply supportive and nurturing spiritual community around me. I believe this is a learned skill, and there is one most important key to do this in your life, and in this video I share it with you, enjoy!

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