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Beyond the End Game: Defeating The Cabal & Building a New Civilization - Kristian Capulet Short

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

“The problems we are experiencing in society are in direct ratio to how we are failing our children.” - Kristian Capulet Shortt

One Tough & Spiritually Awake Irish Freedom Fighter:

Throughout my travels over the past few years I have met some truly extraordinary human beings, Kristian Capulet Shortt is one them.

After being stabbed seventeen times (four times through the neck), dying, and coming back into his body… this man has devoted his life to waking up others, educating people on the fundamentals of human rights and how to defeat the deep state. Krisitan lives a very multi-dimensional existence... he's a devoted father, he's a rapper, and is out on the front-lines with the rest of the woke community in Ireland doing everything he can to make a difference.

Aside from his awesome vision for a new civilization, this tough Irish freedom fighter is currently the only person to have survived having both his jugular and coronal artery slit open (He’s also the only human being alive with only one working artery in his neck.)

Kristian and I connected randomly in March when he watched my documentary on MMS and we started talking as his story sounded so interesting that I knew I wanted to meet him and hear more of what he had to say...

We got on the phone the next day just to chat and I was quickly scrambling to find the “record” button, because this man had more than just a vision... He actually had a plan and a strategy to defeat the deep state and was actively putting together a movement in Ireland.

In this interview Kristian shares:

  • Why death sparked his passion for life and what he does.

  • The main reason why most people are so docile to having their human rights taken away during these times.

  • How we the people can step into our power and use the same strategy the deep state has been using for hundreds of years to begin to repair our civilization, turn the tide, and create an incredible new world.

Enjoy the show.


About the Podcast:

The aim of the Starkind podcast is to gather and unify people together from all around the globe with the vision of co-creating a new civilization, and inspiring individuals to step into leadership during the great awakening.

The vision is to co-create a new civilization through giving the public tools and education to de-traumatize their lives, de-program their minds from enslaving belief structures, and access the true power of co-creative consciousness.

We openly acknowledge the existence of the deep state, collectively do not consent to its agenda, and work with the Universal laws of creation to move towards a civilization grounded in transparency, forgiveness, compassion, co-creation, and taking massive action together.

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