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How to Overcome & Transmute Imposter Syndrome

Updated: May 22, 2023

UPDATE: (Below) I've recently created an entire video guide to assist you in this process, enjoy!

Original Article: If you suffer from "impostor syndrome", that little voice in your head that tells you that you're not good enough to step up to the "big vision" of your life, this article is for you. I used to suffer from this condition for many years, until I realized what I share here, summarized by this picture:

Let's get into it... I've been talking to many beautiful people in the star tribe community lately and I have seen a common pattern: A desire by many to step into greater alignment, health, and abundance, yet so many people feel paralyzed by a fear of "putting themselves out there" or actually charging money for their offering. The common name for this fear is "impostor syndrome." Do these voices in your head sound familiar? "Impostor!", "Fake!", "Fraud!”, “Scammer!”, "You'll never make it!", "You're voice is terrible, who would ever listen to this?!" "You don't even know what to do!", "Who are you to think you can do this?", "You can barely help yourself how can you help others?", "You're too fucked up to help others or do ____XYZ___, you need to do more healing”, “They’ll laugh at you!”, "You're not ready!", "You don't even have a certificate!" These are the many voices of the impostor syndrome. I've battled with this throughout my entire life, and even more so as I have stepped into the arena of teaching and sharing my guts and heart openly on camera and live presentations... In this report, I'm going to share with you the revelation which finally changed everything for me in this area and freed me to flow with my work and do things that my mind was sure I was highly unqualified to do. It all boils down to this. (Refer to picture above) If you think it's YOU that's doing what you're intending to do, you're going to fall flat on your face and encounter massive resistance. If you OPEN to the possibility that the impulse moving through you is coming from SOURCE and is intended to SERVE others... ...and when you center your attention on SERVICE... and commit to sharing the love that's coming THROUGH YOU in service for all of existence, everything follows. When I thought I was promoting “myself", I would constantly ram up against walls of resistance, inner doubt, and fear that would stop me in my tracks. Everything changed when I realized I wasn’t promoting myself, getting “myself out there" and instead embraced the truth… that I was actually sharing the light that was coming from source, through me. Who am I to get in the way of that and doubt that divine intelligence? The whole impostor syndrome is a delusion of the ego. We receive signals from source, inspiration from source, ideas for a new book, a business, an inspiring new life direction, a leap of faith we feel in our bones would help us expand… …Unchecked and without the right orientation, however, the ego thinks that somehow the success of that inspiration is entirely up to it and it alone and that the vast infinite cosmos now has nothing to do with it. It’s kind of like giving the Universe a big F-U finger and saying “Thanks for the inspiration god, but now I, by myself, alone and separate, will take it from here." The ego forgets that the original inspiration originally came from nowhere, it begins to “own” the inspiration or the idea, thinking now that this is “my ability”, “my vision”, “my offering”, “my experience”, “my calling”, “my courage”, “my book”, “my videos”, “my business”, “my money” When we think this way, it is fundamentally out of alignment with our truth, and it is why it creates so much fear and overwhelm in the body. The core idea is that WE have something, we are alone and separate, and we have to share it/sell it to others. The concept of “other” in this state of consciousness is a dreadful concept. We sell ourselves the idea that we want to help/serve “others”, but secretly deep inside we feel “they" are the enemy or an obstacle that we have to please. “What if they don’t like my __fill in the blank__ ?”, “What if I’M not good enough?” We secretly hope they won’t find out the truth about us, who we really are, and how vulnerable we truly feel deep inside. In this state the world is a dark and unfriendly place, we feel like we may potentially be punished for “stepping out.” “If I can just make them like me, then everything would be okay.” the secret narrative goes. The ego then has several choices:

1. Collapse and quit under this enormous pressure, simply opting out to not do it with a cover story of “I’m just not ready”, “they wouldn’t like it anyway,” “I’d rather play it safe”, “the market conditions aren’t right”, “I’m too afraid.”, “I’ll do it tomorrow"

2. Try to manipulate the outcome, this is the realm of perfectionism and procrastination. The ego thinks if it can just accumulate enough information, enough power, enough strategies, that it can then force the outcome in its favour. In this state we prepare and prepare and never do the damn thing. 3. Try to puff up and conquer the fear by building up an inflated version of itself. A very stressful way to live that eventually leads to burn-out, collapse, and everything that you originally wanted to run away from coming back in your face. I know a very successful person that has recently tried to kill himself in the face of such a collapse. When we identify with the visions and resources that come through us and put over-inflated importance on ourselves, and when the things propping up our inflated reality inevitably collapse, we feel like we are ourselves our dying and often want to end it all. So how do you overcome this impostor syndrome? By stepping into the light that you actually are, focusing on service instead of yourself, and meeting the ego’s biggest fear. The fear of no-self. The impostor syndrome exists because the ego’s biggest fear in this entire fiasco is that it will be found out for the imposter it truly is. Because the ego doesn’t actually exist! So it tries to do everything to not meet and feel this fear. The concept I will soon dare you to explore is to flip this strategy on its head d turn right into the torpedo's path… To feel and embrace all that now. We receive our vision from the divine and then get flustered thinking that it’s all up to the imaginary sense of self, and us alone to do it … forgetting that the very essence of what we are aiming to achieve is actually coming THROUGH US, not from us. If it’s coming through you, you can rest in knowing you are guided. If it’s coming through you, it’s because there is an equal counterpart in the Universe also willing and ready to receive what is coming through you… There is a NEED for your unique transmission. If it’s coming through you… it means that the same thing that is sending it through you is also there to assist you in the unfolding of the creation. The universe is infinitely resourced and will assist you. God has a lot of money, trust me. Your entire ego construct is a fairy fantasy, and it's at the root of the fear of "putting yourself out there.” Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you don't exist, yes you're in your chair reading this right now, you're breathing, blinking, thinking about what you're going to eat next, you're perhaps having an emotional experience with whatever is going on for you. All of that is real, but it's not THE TRUTH. The truth of you is much larger, it's infinite, beyond understanding, beyond space and time. You are all that is, was, and ever will be. It's what we I call the "True self” with the capitol T, it's the infinite intelligence that is beating your heart right now, operating your entire sub-conscious mind, Donald Trump’s liver, and the entire universe: source consciousness.

Let's call this the "Big Self"

Now, if you operated as source consciousness in your day-to-day reality, being aware of everything in existence all at once, you wouldn’t be able to operate as a normal human being, and why would you need the added pressure of running Donald Trump's liver? For this reason, the human vessel creates a functional necessity, the sense of self, the I. You get to know your "I" as a little child usually around 2 or 3 years of age when the ego crystalizes. You start to say things like "I want this, and I want that", and the toddler's favorite phrase "That's mine!" This small "I" self is very useful in the beginning. It helps us identify our unique sense of self in a cosmic soup of oneness. It gives you a reference point. It helps you obtain ice cream, ride a bike, iron shirts, drive a car, get a date, make love, hike a mountain and many of life's pleasures. Except when it comes to "putting yourself out there," this is where the complications arise. It's why most people find public speaking the scariest thing on Earth, and why people suddenly commit suicide when they lose vast amounts of money. Without a spiritual awareness and left to its own devices, the small self takes ownership for its entire world and identifies with everything, and this is where the "impostor syndrome" draws its core roots: mistaken identity. For the toddler “That’s mine!” was medicine. For the spiritual adult looking to share the goodness flowing through them, this belief becomes the poison. As you refer to the illustration, you will see that this is the delusion most of us are under in the "False Matrix." (The structure of reality currently crumbling on our planet) In this state of consciousness, your small self believes that everything that it's creating is from it, and that it has to share its "bounty" with "others." This is already innately stressful for the small self, it's an enormous amount of pressure. Deep underneath the facade, the small self is terrified that it will be exposed to the ultimate truth: it doesn't exist. This deep unconscious fear, turns into an endless spray of negative thinking, fear, and worry. "Am I enough?” "What if they don't accept me?" “What if I'm not perfect? …and all the other examples above... Unaware of what is really going on, we go in endless loops with this fear thinking we have to overcome it, do something with it, or worse, that it's actually a signal that we really are worthless and not fit for service. We're terrified that we don't have what it takes, that we're not smart enough, or brave enough, that we will be exposed for the total frauds that we are. And here's the medicine, ready for it? IT'S ALL TRUE. You aren't any of that. And you can’t be. Because all of those things are just ideas your mind has created, they don’t actually exist. All these fears are the fears of the ego, but not the reality of your soul. What does “more brave”, “more knowledgeable”, or “more enough” actually mean anyway? Try this experiment for a moment, and ask yourself “How will I finally know when I am enough?” See what happens, your mind will likely draw a blank. Because your "inner shamer" of not being enough is always comparing and shaming you to an invisible standard. Enough doesn't exist. Your mind created these ideas so you could try to overcome a fear deep inside and not feel what you’re actually feeling: vulnerable. It's all one massive dualistic illusion. You can collect more “confidence” and it will just be one side of the same coin, the coin of the fear of no self. This fear can keep you running the endless hamster wheel of healing and self-improvement. You don't need to conquer or overcome these fears, inflate your sense of self, or collapse under this pressure. Instead, you can just meet and embrace this fear fully, right now, and align with the truth. You can let it all go and enter the new paradigm: unity consciousness. This is an entirely different operating system. To assist you in freeing yourself from this delusion, I invite you to repeat after me: 1. Put your hand on your heart right now... 2. Take a deep breath. 3. And read the following prayer and intention out loud: Ready? Here we go...

“Through the loving space of my heart I now allow my deepest fears of being not enough, of being an impostor and a fraud to be fully felt now. I allow this fear inside me all the space, love, and attention in my body that it requires, and I thank it deeply as I allow my body to transmute it completely, clear it out of my energy field, and return it to its source of origin. I thank my body for bringing this energy up in me so I may bring my love and attention to this part of me. I ask my heart to assist me in releasing any and all attachment, sense of ownership, or identification with the light coming through me, so I may feel free in sharing and celebrating what is created through me. I ask that all of my faculties, knowledge, and experience may be used in service for others in a way that assists me in the unfolding of my highest vision and joy.

I ask my heart to assist me in releasing any and all fears and attachments to how what comes through me is received by others and allow all programs of conquering or manipulating these fears to be fully felt, released, and transmuted. I ask for assistance and intend that all feelings of feeling judged, ridiculed, rejected, or shamed in my body be fully felt, embraced, rejoyced, and transmuted. I thank these energies deeply for guiding me deeper into my body.

I now open to the Truth of what I am and to the transmission of joy, creativity, love, and service that want to come through me in service and alignment to the one in me and all around me that is here to live the highest vision.

I now open to the true courage to step into the truth of what I am, and to share what is coming through me.

I deeply and completely embrace any and all energies of incompleteness, vulnerability, uncertainty, and fear that may arise on my path as I allow this creative process, knowing that these are all pieces of me returning home, I celebrate these energies and fully align my loving attention on SERVICE and CELEBRATION and sharing the light coming through me for the benefit of all, even if I am trembling like a leaf inside doing so.

As I free the light inside of me, I free the light in others, this is how I chose to live. May it be so.”

Get the printable version of this here. How did that feel in your body?

Make this your practice. Then… you leap, act, move from this place of already being enough, already being ready, already being worthy, and watch what happens." Unity Consciousness is awesome. When you see through the delusion, and start to see and open yourself to being a CHANNEL of the divine IN SERVICE, you feel the circuitry in your body fire-up with a loving zeal beyond comprehension. If the ego has a mission or an idea about what it has to do, any thought or fear can be a hostile obstacle in its path, often bringing everything to a grinding halt. When you are aligned in SERVICE for the light that is coming through you for the world… nothing can stand in your way, everything conspires to help you. Yeah, you will still feel the doubts, the fears, the nagging voices for a while, but they will be incinerated by your inner devotion and conviction to serve. Who are you to stand in the way of what is coming through you? Do you really think God would give you an idea without sending you the help to do it? What tiny leap of faith are you resisting or putting off now because you believe it’s all up to you? If you could let go of that idea and focus on how this leap would serve the world, how would that change things? If you could let go of any ideas or judgments about whether your leap/direction/idea is good or bad and just TRUST the feeling inside knowing that it is here to serve, how would that change things? There are two sides of humility:

1. The humility to know to not own the Universe, to have reverence for the great spirit, and not puff up with pride as things move in your favor.

2. The humility to embrace the light and awesomeness coming through you, to trust that it is divine, and to fucking let it shine. Both are required in this game, one feeds the other. You can’t have one without the other, suppress one side and you will suffer. In unity consciousness instead of viewing “others” as “others”, what emerges is the perception that everyone is another you. You will begin to see a pattern. You will see that that which is coming through you is coming FOR YOU as much as it is coming for everyone around you. You will see people coming to you to receive your transmission who reflect back to you those parts of yourself which you are healing, have healed, or have yet to heal, and your encounters and transmission will serve you both, and the whole world. The egoic pattern of thinking you have to figure it all out and only THEN you will be worthy to share with others collapses. You realize that you can create even from your vulnerable incompleteness and that that is what people want! Because it’s actually relatable. Your creations vibrate with authenticity and start to inspire others to embrace their trembling vulnerabilities inside and do the same. You start creating things that you yourself need to experience or be part of to heal. You create things that would source and heal you, and you invite others on the same journey that you’re on. Every time you feel your doubts and fear, every time you feel the impostor arise you notice it, love it, feel it, tremble in it if you have to, and then choose service as your focal point and take action from there. Each time you do so you will feel yourself grow strong, you will feel yourself moving closer to oneness, it will bring you purpose, orientation, the North Star of North Stars. The impostor syndrome is a dualistic coin that is neither to be overcome or thrown away, it shows us all the places inside of ourselves where we are still hiding, Brene Brown probably summarizes it best in this quote: “Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Stand on your sacred ground.” - Brene Brown. The next time the imposter syndrome rears its head and you are tempted to cower and hide, or to overwork and perfect yourself before you act, or to try to “figure it out”, or to listen to some motivation to puff you up… …see instead what happens when you simply ask: “What would it take to be of service right now?” “What would it take for me to deeply embrace myself as I am right now and to allow this to serve others at the highest level?” “What if I am already perfect and whole as I am right now?" “What would it take for me to allow for this to be created through me and for me?” Many think that the antidote to the impostor syndrome is becoming some transcendent fully confident version of yourself, some magic bullet to make the discomfort of stepping out of your shell more palpable. I say, screw that. Instead, see what happens when you intend to be a vulnerable and sacred channel in service of the divine and watch how Oceans part for you where you go. Peace is the true power. EXERCISES TO DO NOW: To further embody everything you've learned here, take out a piece of paper or your journey and write the answers to the following prompts: 1. What’s one small leap of faith I am putting off right now because I think I’m not perfect?

2. My favorite excuse for not moving towards my highest calling is _________.

3. List 10 things you would do this year if you fully believed the ultimate creator was behind everyone of your ideas and inspirations and doing so would benefit the whole world.

4. When was the last time you took a leap of faith? What was it? And how did you and others benefit from you taking that leap?

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