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Interviews With Wild People: Aga Somaheart - Follow Your Joy in Life!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I’ve started a new video series called Interviews With Wild People.

This series celebrates people for the incredible leaps of faith they’ve taken in their lives, the incredible healing and transformation they went through to overcome their obstacles, and the wisdom that they're bringing to the world through their journey.

I’m super excited about this first interview, as it’s with one of the most incredible people I know.

Today, Aga is one of the most sought-out trauma-informed psychedelic practitioners in Canada and assists people in reclaiming the wellness and joy in their lives, however, that’s not at all how she started.

Aga came from a home and background mixed with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. She found herself being an alcoholic at a very young age, through a surprise turn of events she ended up on the healing path through plant medicines in Ecuador which led her on a beautiful spiritual journey of unfolding the true joy of her life.

Through her humility shines a simple joy of life that is infectious. She has deep wisdom to share and will light your heart on fire as you find yourself healing with laughter.

She also happens to be my sister :-) And in this video, we come to terms as I finally forgive her for breaking my Nintendo when I was 8.

Enjoy this brother-sister dynamic as we go deep into esoteric topics that cover everything from "borrowing a nervous system to heal", the intricacies of trauma, and what it takes to really come bck to life after a lifetime of going numb to your feelings.

To the Stars!

Kacper Aga's Links Mentioned In Interivew: Aga's Links From The Interview More About Aga 👉 Microdosing Snacks 👉 🏝The Women's Psychedelic Costa Rica Retreat 🙏 Books Mentioned: "The Artists Way" - by Julia Cameron "No Bad Parts" - by Richard C. Schwartz Loving this stuff? Here's how to go deeper. 1. Work With Me 1 on 1 Book a 1 on 1 deep-dive workshop session with me to release the deepest trauma blocks holding you back in life and health and take a quantum leap forward. 👉 Learn more here. 2. Join the STAR TRIBE The STAR TRIBE is a free online community I'm building on an independent platform dedicated to assisting you in building a lifestyle focused on your joy, healing through the mind-body connection, and creating a new earth through inner strength, courage, authenticity, and sovereignty.

Unplug from the mainstream and join a tribe of wild people deeply invested in coming alive, shifting themselves and the planet.

Inside the community you get access to completely free courses and processes for turning wild visions into reality, healing the body, and aligning your life with your heart's authentic magnetic pull. You'll also meet amazing people from all over the world who are on the same path and have incredible transformational stories to tell! 👉 Join us here!

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