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Peace is the true power

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Chasing Smoke, Missing the Fire

A powerful inspirational piece that came through during some major life changes, enjoy.

Original text from poem: Chasing Smoke, Missing the Fire:

Sometimes in life, without necessarily intending it, we are thrust into periods of unprecedented, raw, wild beauty. 

Our lives explode into pure poetry as synchronicity and serendipity abounds, your heart soars into the highest of places, as magic rules the day.

…and then… slowly… 

It all begins to fade, 

And you wonder what to do to make it last, or to go back…what to do to hang on to that burning flame?

And that’s how you lose.

You see, there’s an old saying about chasing the smoke and missing the fire...

In the case of the magic of life...

…the things you’re hanging onto, and most afraid to lose, they’re the ashes in the air.

And the fire that you’re missing…

Is the Peace that is begotten

When you let go of control.

And love?

Well that’s the first incarnation of peace.

But you can’t hang onto it.

If you catch an eagle by its talons, it won't fly.

Don’t waste another life chasing smoke.

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