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Using Reality Transurfing to Do "Impossible" Things aka: Transdimensional Chain-linking

Description: So I’ve been going deeper and deeper down this “Reality Transurfing” rabbit hole for a year and a half now and applying it into my life to some extremes with some very mind warping results…

…In this new video I just made for fun I talk about a reality transurfing concept called “trans dimensional chain-linking”, my experience with it, and how to use this understanding to navigate yourself to a timeline that may seem completely “impossible” or way out of your realm of capabilities.

If you’re into this kind of stuff and would like an extra-dimensional perspective on your life, this is a fun watch.

Please use this information wisely, don’t use it to hurt others and always remember to not panic and bring a towel when crossing dimensions. No cheese farmers were harmed in the making of this video.



PS. If you missed my original video on Reality Transurfing a year ago, you might want to check it out here.

Reality Transfurfing is a book that's an underground manual on how to navigate oneself into alternative timelines by becoming aware of the hidden energy dynamics which are responsible and always at play when timelines switch.


Books Mentioned in Video: Book 1: "Reality Transfurfing, Steps I-V" - Vadim Zeland Book 2: "Becoming Supernatural" - Joe Dispensa Notable Links - Sail the Stars

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Becca Tzigany
Becca Tzigany
May 11, 2022

Thanks, Kacper. I think there is value in both approaches - however, not in the mind but in the heart: conjuring the feeling of the vision made manifest + staying keenly aware of what next step is in feeling resonance with getting there. The mind can come up with the idea and visualize it in great detail. The mind can map all the steps it might take to get there ... but how can we know if that is the right path? As you point out, we can only know for sure the next step. Even if it "fails", it brings us 1 step closer. As always, the best advice: "Follow your Heart!"


Apr 15, 2022

I really enjoyed your video Kacper. Thank you so much for sharing. This made me think of Abraham Hick's teachings. Very interesting for sure. Namaste

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