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Peace is the true power

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We Are United

A powerful message for those out in the front lines of the great awakening.

About this video: When everything began to rapidly unfold in March of this year I saw the writing on the wall and felt inspired to put together this message in one evening. Little did I know the video would go viral, touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and set a new course for my life.

Because of how it was received, I felt moved to take my own advice, go beyond my fears, and take the message and turn it into a living movement: The Starkind United Alliance.

Starkind is a community platform aimed at gathering and unifying  awake individuals together from around the globe with the vision of co-creating a new civilization by inspiring awake individuals to become leaders during the great awakening.

Our mandate is to co-create a new civilization through giving the public the tools and education to de-traumatize their lives, de-program their minds from enslaving belief structures, and access the true co-creative power of  consciousness.

We openly acknowledge the existence of the deep state, we collectively do not consent to its agenda, and work with the Universal laws of creation to move towards a new world through informing the public of what is truly going on, forgiveness, compassion, co-creation, and taking massive action together.

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