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Wild Heart: Living to the Drumbeat of Your Own Path

These are crazy times, people are waking up more and more, and not a week goes by without me bumping into someone who's feeling lost or wondering what they want to truly do with their lives. Following your destiny, finding your path... this is a subject I have a lot of first hand experience in. I’ve spent the past 20 years breaking up with society and living a quest to live authentically and to do what I’m really here to do in this life.

Throughout this journey I've changed careers and life directions more times than I can remember and done some wild and bizarre stuff… from building Biodomes, to healing water, building online businesses, even running around Mexico thru 2020 serving Bufo, and now finally focusing on turning sailing dreams into reality with Sail the Stars.

I’ve lost and made everything back countless times.

I’ve learned a thing or two about following my heart, being wild, enjoying the fruits of it, and suffering from the spectacular mistakes along the way.

In this video I go deep into the golden nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned from this experience, if you’re embarking on a similar journey, this should save you loads of time and effort.

I really enjoyed making this video and it's one of the best pieces of content I've made in a long while, enjoy and please post your comments down below or in the YouTube channel. Kacper

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