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Peace is the true power

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You Are NOT Alone

You are not alone, there is help out there.

Original text from poem: You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

There is help out there.

I know it may at times, perhaps even now, be the last thing you want to hear or to believe, but it is true.

You are not alone.

Even now, invisible forces beyond your understanding surround you, irrevocably committed to your aid.

You are surrounded by friends, allies, and forces which are patiently waiting by your side, only waiting for you to ask for help.

There is infinite help out there.

If you ask, they will come.

Understand this.

These forces are there, and their nature is beyond your understanding.

They work in ways beyond our understanding.

You do not need to understand them.

They may come in ways you expect, but more often than not they work in ways beyond your understanding through the means of universal connections, synchronicities, and mediums you do not understand.

They are there to help. They want to help.

They will respond immediately.

But you MUST to ask.

All they are waiting for is your request of PRECISELY how you want to be helped.

Have your lips been sealed without just cause? If so, open them.

Beyond the walls of pride, shame, or guilt, there is infinite support for you.



If you have been feeling fatigued and strained while reaching, grasping with your hands into the darkness.

WHAT are you reaching for?

WHAT is that you are grasping out to hold?

Name it.

Say it.

Describe it, accurately, exactly.

Open your lips and speak, how else can this come to you if you do not speak?

What is it that you are actually wanting? What is it that you truly NEED from this thing you speak?

Is it money? Or is it the means to create it and the courage to step into those means.

Is it safety, freedom? Or is it clear guidance to how to manifest that for yourself.

There is no shame in asking, there is only great relief.

You have never created anything ALONE, EVER!

Everything good that has ever come your way has come through the means of the infinite forces of goodness around you beyond your understanding.

Because you got clear, because you asked, because you stepped into YOUR POWER.

Relying on these universal forces isn't weakness, it is your birthright, it is your privilege.

So use it. ASK.

Get Clear. Say it. Ask.

“They” are waiting. Patiently.

If you feel you have not been heard it is not the case, you have not voiced yourself accurately enough.

Your voice matters. You are heard, always.

You need to not sit there idly in the darkness.

You need not build walls around you.

You are NOT alone.

You are supported beyond your wildest imagination.


And be willing to do the bravest thing a human being can do, and allow yourself to be helped when the help arrives.

You damn well deserve it.

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