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About Kacper

Hi I'm Kacper,


I’m a father, musician, business-man, film-maker, author, sailor, musician, poet, water science researcher, free energy and anti-gravetics enthusiast, and a lover of truth.


For the past many years I’ve lived in a remote village in South America living a life of freedom and incredible friendships, currently after some major life changes I’m doing everything I can to bring forth the new civilization and ascension we all so crave to see by uniting free-thinking awaking people together, and helping them step into their own power and leadership capacities in order to help the world wake up and recover from the trauma and lies of the past many hundreds of years.

Ever since I was little, I had wanted to “change the world” and be involved with projects that could have a profound impact on this planet.

I channeled this desire into my work, and have been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 18, have started many companies all centered around breakthroughs which I thought could impact humanity in a positive way and transform our world, including funding free energy and anti-gravity research.

I have had some great successes.

And I have had some truly epic failures which have broken my heart, cost me everything that I had, taken me to the darkest corners of my soul and let me taste the dirt of the bottom in my mouth for years. These periods of my life have taught me that changing the world starts with changing yourself first, and that if you want to imagine a better world, you must start by deeply re-imagining your own until it is so good that goodness cannot help but to flow out of you for others.


This web-site and my work is not about me bloating about the shit I know from succeeding, you don’t need that.

It’s about me sharing with you the gems which I’ve found along the way, in the darkest corners of this journey, the stuff that really makes a difference, and it's an invitation for you to launch yourself on an expedition into a life worth living.


Before I tell you more about the expedition, I want to get one thing really clear.


Can I Save You?



My message is simple.


You do not need to be saved.


Like me, you have the ability to fully save and help yourself.


You are an immensely powerful being capable of weaving reality around you in accordance with your vision for your life and the world.


Only you can take yourself to the golden shores of freedom where your heart is craving you to be, and you can do it.


What I can do is share my experience, my journey, and be a guide of sorts along the way.


I love to share my experience.


I have immense experience in one area above all: Living freedom, following my passion, listening to my heart, and crafting my life as I want it, even when it’s difficult, even when it bloody hurts, even if I have to go to the gates of hell to do it.

If you’re on the verge of a similar journey in life, or perhaps you’re in the thick of it now, then you’ll find my work immensely helpful.

I’m basically a person who’s very aware that this reality can be anything you imagine it to be.


Or so I thought.


Until life kicked me in the ass so hard that I had this awareness shaken and tested to the core.

Now I’m not aware of it anymore.

These days I know it in my bones.

Here’s the catch to this so called truth:

...the internet is chalk full of these “follow your bliss and doors will open for you” and “you create your reality”  type of motivational messages, you know it, you've seen it.

…and if you’ve done any amount of meaningful soul searching and spiritual work you likely resonate with this truth on some level.

Yet if this is true, why do you struggle with life so much?

Shouldn’t you be able to just “follow your bliss” into freedom and the fulfillment of your dreams in all areas of your life at the flick of a finger?

Are You Willing To Face The Darkness?

Imagining your reality differently is one thing.

Doing the actions and stepping into the spiritual courage required to focus your immense creative potential differently is another.

Being willing to face your darkness which is preventing you from showing up for yourself in all areas of your life... that's another thing all together.

The real challenge before all of us is having the courage do the the work of facing your shadow, looking at the parts of yourself which you have not been willing to look at, the stuff hiding in the dark, the lies you’re telling yourself about yourself, and the twisted and contorted idea of yourself which you’ve adopted from this sick and insane society which you’re still holding onto.

What I've found is that only once you know what is true and real inside of yourself in all your relations can you begin to weave a life forth living, and the journey to this place is quite an epic ride.


So... yeah...


“Reality can be anything you imagine it to be.”



Any fool can believe and tout this truth.

What I’ve found through my own life experience is that the embodiment of this truth in life, the process of actually “owning” this and living it is a much more bloody affair than it’s advertised to be.

So you want to be free?

So you want to follow your bliss?

So you want to do what you love?


Do you realize that "follow your bliss" also means doing what scares the shit out of you, facing your darkness, and owning up to the half-truths you’ve been lullabying yourself into stagnation with?


Why else wouldn't you be doing what you love if it wasn't for the fact that you were scared to do it?


Do you realize that this also means you must take responsibility for everything currently in existence in your life, the good and the bad? After all, if you can create your reality, then the reality you're living right now was a choice you made.


If the answer is yes, and you feel your heart being pulled forward by irrepressible forces, then I'd like to extend an invitation to you.

Join Me On an Expedition Into The

Heart of a Life Worth Living

In this truth there is an entire journey to go on.

I call it an “expedition”.

An expedition to discover what you and this life are really made of, how this Universe truly works through you, the truth and the lies we’ve been told about our ancient history and your true purpose here on this planet.

I use the word “expedition” because it re-defines the path you must take and immediately puts you in the center.


This is not about self-improvement, or getting to a goal.


This is not about you fixing yourself or needing to be something other than you already are.


You already are enough, and there is nothing from the outside that will complete you.


This is a deep inquiry and an exploration of what is actually possible.


We lead the expedition with some questions:


  • Why are you here?


  • What do you want?


  • Does the universe really reward hard work, or does it reward smart and accurate thinking aligned with love?

  • Can you really do what you love, trust life completely, have all your needs met in all parts of your life AND make an impact and contribute to this planet as a truly fulfilled being?


  • Can love and freedom and security exist as one in your life?


  • Do you have to sacrifice your dreams and freedom for the security we are taught a paid j-o-b offers or are there other alternative ways to live that offer both freedom and security?

How bad do you want to find out?

…on this expedition there are some extremely liberating things you learn and even more things which our society has drilled into us which one must “unlearn”…

You know you are coming close or already living on this expedition when you find yourself continually asking these questions:


  • Is this really what I want to do with my life?


  • Is this it?


  • Isn’t there some higher purposes for me to fulfill?


  • Why am I trading my time for money?


  • Is an hour of my life really worth __ dollars ? (fill in the blank)


  • Is it possible that life could be easier than this?


  • Can I find more fulfilling work to do?


  • Am I making an impact?


  • I’m doing what I thought would give me joy yet it feels like something is still missing, what is it?


  • I’m doing everything I thought I needed or wanted to do yet I am miserable, why?


  • What happened to all that joy and fun I had when I was a kid?


  • Do I even know how to play anymore?

I know these questions all too well, as they have been the bleeding wounds in my heart that have led me on through the thick and thin many times during my own continually evolving expedition.

This is my offering to you: the idea that before you there is an expedition straight to the heart of a life worth living, a life in accordance with the natural order of the Universe, a life in alignment with your highest truth and joy.

A life in which you do what you love, and you are immensely rewarded and supported for it:
There is an entirely new way of living possible:


  • One in which your work and your play become one and the same.


  • One in which your body is singing in harmony with your heart and your mind and serving as a vehicle for your intuition which guides you to your purpose.


  • One in which you are doing what you love and are able to sustain yourself and thrive financially.


  • One in which you are abundant, and you can always do what you want when you want to do it.


  • One in which every day you are moving closer and closer to living the “purpose” you came here to live.


  • One in which you know you are embodying your true gifts, and using them to truly serve others.

I submit to you that there is an entirely different way of navigating through this life, one that none of us were taught as children, one that your heart is craving to learn.

It looks similar to what you’re used to, but it is radically different, because instead of focusing on what you put in your mind, the emphasis is on reprogramming how you respond to the signals life is giving you.

There are extreme challenges along the way which will challenge you in ways you do not expect, but once you get the hang of it life becomes extremely exciting and rewarding.

And the good news is, it’s a learnable skill.

You can learn it.

My highest joy is sharing this with others to the best of my abilities and understanding.

On my journey I’ve gathered powerful insights and tools which I’d like to offer you to help you speed up your own process.

You’ll find many of these powerful insights and tools inside of my currently free newsletter, along with epic paid courses and programs which I’m putting together to help those who are truly ready to dive into this process and step up their game.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the expedition, I’m glad to have you on board.


About Kacper

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