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Peace is the true power.

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Who I Am, My Vision and Mission

Ever since I was little, I wanted to know the truth.


I was fascinated by the cosmos, the stars, space-travel, and reality.


I discovered at a very early age that all the greatest breakthroughs and technologies that could solve all of humanity’s biggest problems already existed, and were being hidden from the public by organizations (back then) beyond my understanding.


Because I wanted to see a better world for my daughter and all of our future generations, I've been doing everything I can to share breakthroughs with people in the area of health, water, free energy, consciousness, and even anti-gravity.

My vision is a united humanity, a planet full of free-thinking, trauma-free and awakened human beings embodied with the true co-creative power of our consciousness.

My journey has not been easy, the road has been frayed with many epic challenges and set-backs that often cost me everything I had, and taught me a great deal about courage, perseverance, strength, and healing.

Notable Projects and Affiliations

(Past to Present)

Free Energy & Anti-Gravity

In 2011 I had the honor of helping Searl Magnetics get off the ground in the early stages.


If you’ve watched free energy and disclosure documentaries then you have likely seen epic animation of the SEG many times.


The Special Effect Generator(or Searl Effect Generator) is a free energy device invented by Professor John Searl in the 1960s - it is capable of producing un-told amount of energy(depending on scale) and anti-gravitational phenomenon.


The device works by creating its own toroidal magnetic field that causes "Higgs boson pairs" to form. The field converts ambient random state energy into a uniform coherent energetic output (cold current, zero-point energy), as it powers up and goes superconductive the gravitational phenomena begin to occur.


One day soon I believe the SEG and other devices like it will be in every home and community on Earth, helping usher in a new era of clean energy on our planet.

Update for skeptics: The US Navy recently publicly announced patents of free energy and anti-gravity saying they have it and it's operational. (Here's the link.)


Above: Single layer SEG demo-configuration


Left: Visiting to the SEG lab in 2012 with Fernando Morris (Lead Engineer of the SEG)
Right: The genius, Professor John Searl.

Above: Watch the Quantum Leap trailer

Quantum Leap Documentary

The Health Breakthrough of the Century

In 2016 my team and I co-created a documentary that broke the corrupt pharmaceutical industry’s back. Quantum Leap is a film about the extraordinary story and the heroic efforts of Jim Humble, Mark Grennon and the Genesis 2 chlorine dioxide movement in the face of tyranny and suppression.


With proper education on correct protocol and application, chlorine dioxide(also known as MMS) is a known cure for malaria, cancer, diabetes, aids, and many other diseases. It's an invention that could literally eradicate disease world-wide if the whole world knew about it. (Update: It’s also currently proven to be a reliable cure for COVID-19)


Since the early days the deep state has done everything it could to stop the spread of this breakthrough by using any and all means necessary: slander through it's mainstream media, making it illegal in select countries, imprisonment, and even assassination attempts on those involved in distribution and education.


Viewed millions of times, shadow banned, deleted, re-uploaded everywhere and translated into 9 different languages the movie has brought the truth to the surface and today tens of thousands of people are alive (and not dead) because of the information in this movie.


This breakthrough isn’t going going away, why?  


Because it works, and hundreds of thousands of testimonials and good will online everywhere are there to back it up.


The Latest Book

The Way of the Water Wizard

Did you know that you can use water to rapidly heal your body?

Did you know that a Nobel prize winning scientist is now using water to teleport DNA?

Did you know that in ancient Egyptian the word "priest" actually means "the one who works with water"?

Did you know that there has been an underground science-war for the past 40+ years trying to suppress the true power of water's intelligence and healing capacities?

This book contains everything you ever wanted to know about sacred and forbidden water science but no-one ever told you.

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