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Peace is the true power

The Blog and Podcast of Kacper Maciej Postawski

How to bust out of the box and start living

Life isn't always easy.

It's all fun and games talking about goal setting, belief, intentions, and vision crafting when the flow is on, synchronicity and serendipity abound and the world is your Oyster.

But how do you perform and turn vision into reality when things get hard... really, really hard?

When every single breath feels like climbing a mountain, and every cell in your body screams for you to stop.

How do you inspire yourself and others to greatness when nothing else will do, and you feel like there is no hope what-so-ever?

How do you keep going when it feels impossible?

In this video I share with you what I've learned from going through these experiences myself, and the 3 step process I've learned which helps me every time.

You have dreams.

Big dreams.

Seemingly impossible dreams.

Dreams so strong that the very thought of them makes your knees weak, your voice tremble, your eyes water and your soul go ablaze.

So be kind to yourself, and VOICE them.

Speak them into existence.  Let the vibrations of your voice re-crystalize reality around you.

If you do not speak them, it’s not that they won’t come true.

Quite the contrary…

You won’t see them coming your way…

You won’t see them even when they’re 2 inches in front of you.

For you aren’t coming for your dreams… they are coming for you.

Your heart has eyes, they are the ones collecting the light from this thin veiled world this very moment, projecting into your mind the reality you are seeing right now.

And here’s the secret…

You cannot see what you cannot believe in.

You cannot see what your heart hasn’t been allowed to feel.

Don’t shroud your dreams in invisible darkness.

Speak them. Speak them out-loud when you are by yourself and especially with others. 

Let their vibrations into your heart, and your heart will begin to see the opportunities

Your dreams are HERE.

They have come for you like massive ships sailing on the cosmic winds, traversing the galactic Oceans of thought and consciousness… to meet YOU on YOUR shore.

They are here. Anchored in your bay.

You must not worry about the whole journey, you must only focus on next step, and jump aboard.

And that’s only a short canoe trip away.  Jump on, row out to them, climb the ladder, and step on.

…but none of that is possible if you cannot see.

You have dreams. Voice them.

Your heart has eyes, they are craving to see.

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