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Peace is the true power

The Blog and Podcast of Kacper Maciej Postawski

7 Years ago my team and I made a documentary called "Quantum Leap." It is a movie documenting the story of the MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) breakthrough, Jim Humble & Mark Grenon's efforts in propagating this discovery to assist people in healing and reversing disease all over the planet. The movie and the movement has touched and continues to touch the lives of countless people around the world looking for alternative ways to heal, because at it's very core it carries a message of empowerment we all long for and recognize: The power to heal yourself is in your own hands. Sadly, since around 2020 it has been shadow banned all over the internet and Mark Grenon and his sons were unlawfully arrested and put into prison after their homes were raided in two separate countries. I've received a ton of questions about MMS over the years and in this video I do my best to answer them all as well as share my understanding of breakthrough miracle healing which has greatly evolved and continues to be a centre-point of focus in my life. I made this video to answer the questions I get, and to honor Mark and his sons, Mark, we pray for you every day. Many people would say this is the end and another nail in the coffin for the movement, but I see things quite differently... the real healing movement on the planet has just begun, and it is unstoppable. Enjoy, Kacper.


We're doing it again, by popular demand I'm hosting the Telekinesis Spoon Bending workshop :-)

👉 For full details and registration go here. See you "spoon" and Happy New Year! Kacper

All my life I thought fear was something to be overcome, I practiced it, but life brought me to my knees many times and humbled me, with even greater waves of fear and doubt that stopped me cold. So instead of trying to overcome, I listened to my body, and something else began to happen. Through my journey I learned that fear is not here to be conquered, it arises to be transmuted through your body into peace, health, and abundance.

If you resist it through grasping, trying to get to safety, trying to control life and your situation, you'll inevitably create chaos, disturbance, lack, and illness. Our actions only amplify what we are scared to feel. Your heart and body is a tool capable of energetic transmutation.

If fear and doubt arise, this is good news, it's coming up because you're ready for something new, so feel it, breathe it, transmute it. We are on the verge of a massive collective global transmutation event, consciousness is shifting in big ways! Enjoy the video, Much love, Kacper

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