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Remember Who You Are

The Blog and Podcast of Kacper Maciej Postawski

All my life I thought fear was something to be overcome, I practiced it, but life brought me to my knees many times and humbled me, with even greater waves of fear and doubt that stopped me cold. So instead of trying to overcome, I listened to my body, and something else began to happen. Through my journey I learned that fear is not here to be conquered, it arises to be transmuted through your body into peace, health, and abundance.

If you resist it through grasping, trying to get to safety, trying to control life and your situation, you'll inevitably create chaos, disturbance, lack, and illness. Our actions only amplify what we are scared to feel. Your heart and body is a tool capable of energetic transmutation.

If fear and doubt arise, this is good news, it's coming up because you're ready for something new, so feel it, breathe it, transmute it. We are on the verge of a massive collective global transmutation event, consciousness is shifting in big ways! Enjoy the video, Much love, Kacper

In this second installment of this life-changing series on trauma and self-sabotage we dive deep to understand how trauma works in the body, how it is the origin of nearly all disease and self sabotage, and the really good news on what's possible with healing. You'll learn:

  • How and why trauma get's stuck in your body and what's behind the reason why you can't heal and why the same patterns seem to repeat in your life over and over again.

  • How holding unprocessed trauma in your body makes you more easily programmable, modern day mind control exposed.

  • The most overlooked type of trauma in your life and how massive of an impact it has on every part of your life (your health, relationships, finances)

  • Why your brain has created wrong conclusions about you and your self worth as a child.

  • Why unprocessed emotional trauma keeps you from thriving and receiving prosperity in life.

  • Why the modern day healing system is broken and completely overlooks trauma healing.

  • The most important thing to do to start on the healing journey from trauma and self sabotage.



PS. If you missed part 1, watch it here.

What does it take to actually release and heal the deepest darkest wounds that contribute to disease and self-sabotage? This has been the focus of my life for nearly 6 years and in this multi-part video series, I share with you everything I've learned on this journey. Enjoy!

PS. If you missed the short article I recently wrote titled "Trauma: A Loop Stuck in Time Inside Your Body" it's really worth reading for an introduction and overview into the topic.

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