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Remember Who You Are

The Blog and Podcast of Kacper Maciej Postawski

I truly believe that what the world needs most right now is people standing in their power, listening to their hearts, and following their inner calling within to offer their unique gifts to usher in the new earth.

But this is easier said than done, and even though I’ve made it my life mission to listen to my heart I’ve personally had enormous challenges in this area and continue to do so as I grow and learn more in this life.

Each one of us carries our own unique “trauma signature” which consists of all the deepest darkest wounds we’ve accumulated in our own personal lives or inherited from our ancestors. (Yes trauma is passed down cellularly.)

Unprocessed trauma is what limits you the most.

This trauma signature acts as an energetic field within you that literally acts as a reality perception lifter which alters your way of seeing reality on a conscious and subconscious level, your mind does this to continue to protect you from danger and keep you safe.

A deep part of you is continuously in the fight, flight, or freeze response.

Trauma is like an energetic loop stuck in time, you may have experienced the original pain decades ago, but if it’s unresolved, the energetic imprint is just as active in your body as if it happened yesterday and your own body is trying to protect you from it.

This energetic loop attracts the same types of people and events into our lives over and over again that will trigger those same original feelings and similar events. Why this happens is a bigger topic for another article or video but the important thing is to become aware of it and that it’s happening first.

The most important thing to understand is that it is an energetic loop stuck in time inside your body.

As “flight”… trauma manifest as a feeling your body is trying to avoid at all costs…

You may want to act on your passion, start a business, open your heart to a new relationship or finally take action on improving your health but your subconscious might be screaming “No, this is not safe… I am not safe right now. I don’t want to be seen, they might hurt me again, I don’t want to make mom / dad / teacher angry, I don’t want to feel the guilt, pain, or shame, better just stay small and bury this emotion forever.”

As “fight” it manifest as a constant background tension, anxiety, and stress that varies in intensity in your life, making you hyper aware of danger, everything that could go wrong, and wreaking havoc in your relationships.

As “freeze” it manifests as depression, overwhelm, chronic fatigue.

As it accumulates, the stored energetic tension trickles down via the mind-body connection into your body causing a cocktail of harmful stress-inducing chemicals such as epinephrine, cortisol, and norepinephrinenorepinephrine thatthat lower your immune system and manifest disease in the body. When you release the energy, the body naturally comes into balance and heals itself.

Unprocessed stored emotional trauma literally skews and alters your perception of reality, which is why you can chant positive affirmations or visualize the perfect life t’ll the cows come home, if trauma is still looping in your body, it will act out the energetic imprint in whatever direction you go.

All self-sabotage is, is actually your own body trying to save you from imaginary pain.

This is why until you begin to address trauma, stepping into your power is immensely difficut, because a part of you is resisting moving forward as if it meant certain death.

It’s like consulting a hurt 5-year-old inside you about every major decision you make:

You: “Should I do this new awesome thing?”

Child: “No that time dad got angry and hurt me was painful, I don’t want that.”

It makes no sense consciously, but to do the wounded you, it does, and it happens unconsciously so we don’t even know this is going on, we just see the effects of it in our lives…

Procrastination, delays, self-sabotage, pain in relationships, and unfinished projects.

Even if you will yourself past all the emotional blocks and patterns, they all re-surface one way or another, it’s like trying to mix oil and water.

Even if you succeed you’re still just a hurt child holding onto the armour of your achievement or identity for protection, this stuff is deep.

It will loop back on you in your life in one way or another, but instead of resisting it, the key is to meet it with love and compassion and be immensely kind to yourself.

Living with unprocessed trauma in your body is like having a constant lid on top of you closing you off from receiving the wholeness of the incredible divine nature and energy of who you are.

So how do you deal with it? What is the first step?

The first step is awareness, to actually become trauma aware and that this is a “thing”, for years every time I heard “traumatized” I thought this was only something reserved for army veterans who had seen combat.

Wnally realized I had trauma and PTSD myself, and that is extremely common, that’s when the lights started to come on.

So what’s active in you emotionally right now?

Frustration, Anxiety, Guilt? Shame? Does this feel familiar?

What is your “groundhog day” event? The thing that you’re dealing with over and over again that seems to come up in your life, your work, finances, and relationships over and over again?

If you take the leap to do the thing your heart is asking for, what are you afraid might happen?

Here’s my favorite question:

What if you actually got what you wanted, why are you afraid for that to happen? What’s scary about that?

I would love to hear from you, if you want to share please write to me here and share with me your answers and what you’d like help with around your healing process with emotional trauma.

Thank you, I’m putting together a whole set of videos and articles to help people in this area and when I hear from you I will be able to address that directly.

I’m currently fully dedicating my work now to assisting people with entering the heart and healing their deepest traumas and blocks as this has been my personal work for years now - it’s also where I have truly seen the biggest miracles and healing in my own life and the lives of others.

I truly believe that everything we are experiencing globally right now at this time on our planet is because we are finally ready to see our deepest darkest wounds, let them come to the surface, let them be felt and transmuted and heal personally and collectively.

More to come soon,


Very often when I coach people who are genuinely going through spiritual awakening in their lives I often hear them complain about this common problem during their process, they'll say things like... "I'm lonely" "I don't have any real friends." "I don't have anyone to talk to who understands what I'm going through" "I just don't want to hang around 'normal' people anymore" Added to this pressure is the realization that as things are shifting on the planet right now it's more important than ever to come together in community and work towards building a New Earth together. But how does one do that when you're floating in an emotional desert amidst a society disconnected from what is real, the truth, authenticity, and a culture conditioned to spend more time with the phone and computer screen than with one another? Despite this reality, wherever I've gone in my life I've always had the ability to attract amazing people around me, build deep friendships, and a deeply supportive and nurturing spiritual community around me. I believe this is a learned skill, and there is one most important key to do this in your life, and in this video I share it with you, enjoy!

This video is made to honour the incredible work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, his team, and the countless brave people whose effort is now opening up an entirely new realm of radical and miraculous healing for people all over the world. I truly believe that this is just the beginning and that this new awareness is poised to spread like wildfire all over the planet and take us onto a timeline where disease will truly be a thing of the past and healing will be available to all, always.

Excited to start healing? Here's what to do now, step 1... Go to Dr. Joe's YouTube channel to watch the countless stories of people transforming their lives to get inspired, here's a few I've picked which you might like to see:

This woman's life-changing story is extremely powerful as she describes everything she went through to heal herself of cancer using Dr. Joe's work - absolutely astounding.

Monique was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. Hear how Monique baffled doctors when they found not a single trace of cancer in her body after she immersed herself in the work.

Anna was diagnosed with a rare and extremely severe case of MS(multiple-sclerosis) and was confined to live life in a wheel-chair.

Watch her get up and run in this video.

The stories are endless and I found watching them extremely uplifting and encouraging, I highly recommend binge watching them from the YouTube channel to program your mind and start thinking of the possibilities.

Step 2. Get Dr. Dispenzas Books and Audio Meditations:

Step 3. Watch Dr. Joe's Interview on London Real, it's a *must watch*

Enjoy! If you get stuck just go back to step 1, I can't recommend watching all the stories enough of people transforming their lives in this way. You have to realize that we have been programmed and conditioned for years that this is not possible, watching the stories and hearing them over and over again constantly connect you to what's possible. Like I said in the video, the portal is opened, the "4-minute mile" has been broken... all you have to do now is walk through the door. The journey of 1,000 steps starts with the first step. Kacper

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