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Interview With My Favorite Rebel - Why Love Trumps Fear: Rebecca Tzigany

"How the hell are we going to get through this?”,... If this thought has crossed your mind at least once over the past fifteen months then I highly recommend you listen to the wisdom this woman shares. I’ve just published a video interview I recently did with someone who has been a huge inspiration and source of strength for me during these times: Rebecca Tzigany. I’ve known Rebecca for over 10 years, she’s one of the most awesome, loving, “walking her talk” and awake people I know. …aside from being a published author, an activist, a transformational therapist and having life experience the scope of which would dwarf this email, she is also a dear friend of mine, and is a powerful leader in the local community where I live in South America. She brings people together in times of need and chaos, and is a magician in terms of helping people see past their fears and wounds into the heart of the matter at hand. In this interview Rebecca shares where she sources her strength during these times, and why it's more important than ever to bring people together right now to celebrate life... > Watch the interview here. Enjoy

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