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Peace is the true power

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Interview With My Favorite Rebel - Why Love Trumps Fear: Rebecca Tzigany

"How the hell are we going to get through this?”,... If this thought has crossed your mind at least once over the past fifteen months then I highly recommend you listen to the wisdom this woman shares. I’ve just published a video interview I recently did with someone who has been a huge inspiration and source of strength for me during these times: Rebecca Tzigany. I’ve known Rebecca for over 10 years, she’s one of the most awesome, loving, “walking her talk” and awake people I know. …aside from being a published author, an activist, a transformational therapist and having life experience the scope of which would dwarf this email, she is also a dear friend of mine, and is a powerful leader in the local community where I live in South America. She brings people together in times of need and chaos, and is a magician in terms of helping people see past their fears and wounds into the heart of the matter at hand. In this interview Rebecca shares where she sources her strength during these times, and why it's more important than ever to bring people together right now to celebrate life... > Watch the interview here. Enjoy

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Dec 17, 2021

Kacper - if you read Polish, please check my notę. thx.

Rosja nie powinna podpisywać układów z Chinami, bo powtórzy się atak ich "sojusznika" co już miało miejsce w 1941 roku. A w 2027 roku nastąpi inwazja wojsk lądowych Chin na Rosję. Ta bardzo ucierpi, ale Chińczycy już nie wrócą do domów

Chiny oszukują cały świat, wystarczy posłuchać wypowiedzi ich przywódców. Oni do każdego sąsiada roszczą pretensje terytorialne. Tworzą bazy na całym swiecie kosztem tamtych państw i w zamian uzyskują 99-letnią dzierżawę portów, lotnisk itp. Zbroja się na potęgę i zechcą "zużyć" nadwyżkę 36 mln. mężczyzn jako mięso armatnie. Polityka 1 dziecka w rodzinie [1979-2016] naruszyła ich balans demograficzny.

- To Chiny zaczną 3 wojnę światowa w 2027 roku po…


Tom Osher
Tom Osher
May 23, 2021

I agree with most of your points, however, the idea that one must first be spiritual, sounds great and I believe that it is true, but it is far short of what is really needed. Because a person might feel real spiritual after meditating for an hour, or contemplating who they really are, but this is hardly enough. When one is really authentic, spiritual, one does not allow injustices, in front of us or away from us. If someone is being raped outside one's window on the sidewalk, and you are meditating, omming, emptying from thoughts, etc. and ignoring the screams outside is for me, not spiritual, it is bs., really being spiritual is going outside and preventing this violation.…

Becca Tzigany
Becca Tzigany
May 24, 2021
Replying to

Becca here. Thanks for your comments, Mofwoofoo. Yes, activism is exactly what we need right now. So I hope that Kacper's audience understands that I was talking about building the foundation - self-healing, empowerment, gathering together - so that we are strong enough and righteous enough to make social action. When I say righteous, I mean, specifically, coming from Love. If we don't have a strong foundation, we might try to build this New Earth in reaction to the old world, which means reacting from our wounds, angry victimhood, or vengeance. Then we just get another version of the Dominator System. I emphasize healing and wholeness, so that we co-create a society that is compassionate, egalitarian, sustainable, just, and joyfu…

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