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The Blog and Podcast of Kacper Maciej Postawski

How I'm Leveraging the Future Currency of Humanity to Turn a Wild Vision Into Reality

Want to Learn More About NFTs and This Wild Project?

I'm hosting a special free training for those who are interested in being on the cutting edge of the crypto-currency world, creating massive value for humanity, and want to learn more about NFTs and the Sail the Stars opportunity: Sign up here to learn more.

I believe that creating experiences for human beings to expand into higher versions of themselves is the future currency of humanity, this project is about connecting that reality to an actual tangible investment that pays dividends in more ways that one via a de-centralized crypto-currency. If you'd like to learn more, join the training here.

Download the White Paper

Find out how we're changing the world by bridging the world of crypto-currencies and smart contracts with the human love for freedom and adventure to create a micro economy, a one of a kind win/win/win investment opportunity and Ocean sailing reality "Noahs Ark" of artists, visionaries, leaders, and influencers.

Download the PDF here Reading Time: 15 minutes

How This Project Started

Two and a half months ago I did something crazy...

I decided to follow my heart to a depth I’ve never done before and start a project that’s been sitting inside of me called “Sail the Stars”

It’s an action packed round the world Ocean adventure sailing reality show aimed to inspire people to follow their highest calling instead of their fears... it would require a lot of money, a huge sailboat, a ton cameras, and bunch of people crazy enough to join me...

...I had no idea how this was going to happen, all I knew is that it was going to happen somehow and I had to let go and trust and apply everything I’ve been learning from reading the book "Transfurfing Reality", because this was a radical departure from my regular timeline listening to crickets at night from my comfortable mountain home...

...since then my life has been turned totally upside down with this and the wildest adventures have happened to me as the Universe led me through some totally unexpected twists and turns…

The whole project has turned into a crypto currency investment that involves artists from all over the world and creates value for everyone, including Ocean conservation efforts…

...along with an all-star team I’ve figured out an entirely new way of raising money for altruistic projects… we’ve found a way to bridge the world of crypto-currencies and Ethereum smart contracts with the human love for freedom and adventure to create a micro economy, a one of a kind win/win/win investment opportunity and make this wild idea come true.

…and early investors have even started to fund the project because what we're creating is so original.

In this video I share with you what I’m learning from this experience, and how “impossible” things become possible when you let go of doubts and just head with wild abandon towards your true calling.


- Kacper

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