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How to Let Money Chase You Instead - The Awakened Money Series: Part 1

👉 Learn more and join the Embracing Prosperity program here. Is money truly the root of evil? Or has our consciousness been manipulated by forces outside of our understanding to believe in something that is not true so that we stay blind to the power within us?

What if money is actually pure love that is here to serve you and all of us in creating heaven on Earth?

What would happen if you treated it that way?

What if everything we’ve ever been taught about how money works is completely backward? What if money in all forms is actually a conscious intelligence field ready to serve you?

This new video series called “Awakened Money” explores the hidden metaphysics of money, it shows you how to awaken your money by trying on conscious thought experiments with money that will make you look at reality differently.

…Part 1 opens Pandora’s box into a completely new paradigm that will show you how to stop chasing money and actually have it chase you instead. Enjoy! Loving this stuff? Here's how to go deeper. 1. Work With Me 1 on 1 Book a 1 on 1 deep-dive workshop session with me to release the deepest trauma blocks holding you back in life and health and take a quantum leap forward. 👉 Learn more here about 1 on 1 workshops. 2. Join the STAR TRIBE The STAR TRIBE is a free online community I'm building on an independent platform dedicated to assisting you in building a lifestyle focused on your joy, healing through the mind-body connection, and creating a new earth through inner strength, courage, authenticity, and sovereignty.

Unplug from the mainstream and join a tribe of wild people deeply invested in coming alive, shifting themselves and the planet.

Inside the community you get access to completely free courses and processes for turning wild visions into reality, healing the body, and aligning your life with your heart's authentic magnetic pull. You'll also meet amazing people from all over the world who are on the same path and have incredible transformational stories to tell! 👉 Join us here!

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