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Inteview with Dr. Kim D'Eramo: Unity Beyond the Darkness

Last Thursday we went live with Dr. Kim D'Eramo and it was an epic interview! The replay is now live.

Dr. Kim shared her amazing story of how she came to her work of now assisting individuals all over the world beyond the "matter and flesh" paradigm to heal themselves through the innate connection to spirit through the mind-body connection.

And then it got juicy as she helped pierce the veil of what is happening now on the planet and what you truly can do to assist in the ascension.

Dr. Kim is on an incredible mission to shift the planet, and I feel so honored and excited that she's joining us on board and supporting Sail the Stars! Enjoy the Interview!

PS. STAR TRIBE is Going Live in 48hrs Since I announced the STAR TRIBE last week the response has been overwhelmingly positive as we've had over 230 people sign up and I've been blown away at the caliber of people that have already signed up for the waitlist Thank you! We are aiming to launch the community inturn 48 hours, can't wait to meet you! The community is launching with a brand new course designed to help you align your life around your joy & passion, assist you in deep healing of the mind & body, and turning vision into reality. And NO, this is not a FB community, it's a custom platform super cool where everything will be all in one place. Join us here: Kacper

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