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Peace is the true power

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Staying Passionate During the Chaos & the Darkness

A member of the Star Tribe recently asked me this great question: "How do you stay passionate amidst everything that is happening on the planet right now?" What do you do when everything that used to motivate you before just doesn't seem to be here anymore and how do you stay focused on serving others during this time? Great question. You don't, here's what I do instead.

Join us in the Star Tribe... Here's What It's All About:

The STAR TRIBE is an online community aligned around coming alive and building a lifestyle focused on your joy, healing through the mind-body connection, and creating a new earth through strength, courage, authenticity, and sovereignty.

Inside the community you get access to completely free courses and processes for turning wild visions into reality, healing the body, and aligning your life with your heart's authentic magnetic pull. You'll also meet amazing people from all over the world who are on the same path and have incredible transformational stories to tell! 👉 Join us here!

Need Help With Coming Alive and Unlocking Your Transmission? Here's How To Work With Me In Private: If in your heart you are craving a life of connection, deep alignment with your purpose, wellness & prosperity, but you struggle with fear, anxiety, doubt, shame, depression, health problems and sabotage patterns that hold you and your body back from moving forward with ease on your path...

Then I'd love to invite you to a private 1 on 1 deep dive workshop during which I'll personally assist you through reconnecting with your center, transmuting the deepest heaviness, fear, and patterns holding you back so you can come fully alive and live your purpose. 👉 Work with me 1 on 1 here.

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